Treatment For Sinus Disease

Rancho ENT patient having receiving sinus infection treatment in San DiegoEvaluation of sinus disease at Rancho Ear Nose and Throat is designed to be a comprehensive evaluation involving both medical and surgical solutions to optimize outcomes from sinus disease. Through the availability of allergy treatments, medical treatments, judicious use of medications, minimally invasive surgical solutions as part of endoscopic sinus surgery, and availability of macro surgery when needed, we are able to offer the full complement of sinus treatment options.

Patients with repeated sinus infections benefit from evaluation by San Diego sinus specialist Dr. Wadhwa to evaluate for anatomical and inflammatory causes of swelling that cause mucous to back up into the sinuses. Patients may be identified to have polyps, fungus, thickened mucous debris in the sinuses, anatomic obstruction from a deviated nasal septum, amongst other problems that may cause them to have repeated sinus infections.

Medical treatment for chronic and/or recurrent sinusitis may involve the use of steroids, antibiotics, topical nasal sprays, and allergy medicines. Allergy testing as an adjunct is also beneficial many times to identify something in the environment that may be triggering the inflammation that is happening in the nose.

Surgery and medication for recurrent and chronic sinusitis generally target facilitating the drainage of the sinuses so the sinuses are less likely to back up. Medications primarily decrease the inflammation of the lining that is swelling to block the sinus or thin the mucous so it may drain easier. Sinus surgery is generally directed at enlarging the openings of the sinuses so they do not become blocked in the first place.

Surgery for sinuses has evolved considerably over the years. In past years, open surgery such as Caldwell-Luc (which involved direct cuts underneath the cheek to gain access to the sinuses) was popular. As technology has evolved, endoscopic sinus surgery has emulated the older techniques. Endoscopic sinus surgery involves using small telescopes and cameras within the nasal cavity itself to target surgery to those areas where the sinuses need to drain (the antrums of the sinuses). By working on the areas in the nose and sinus where the cilia are moving mucus, better outcomes can be achieved. Further recent advancements in sinus surgery aim to decrease the amount of cutting to limit scar formation. Balloon sinus surgery has become popular as a recent technique to enlarge the sinus opening with minimal cutting, resulting in less scarring. In certain patients, endoscopic and/or balloon sinus procedures can each be offered in office.