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Treating Symptoms Ranging from Dizziness to Sore Throats & Everything In Between


At Rancho Ear, Nose and Throat we are a doctor’s office:

  • Where we strive to keep you on time because we know your time is valuable.
  • Where phone calls are answered by our helpful team members, not an automated system.
  • Where our staff looks you in the eye when you walk in—and greets you by name.
  • Where appointments last as long as it takes to answer all your questions.
  • Where your doctor learns your history & works with you to create a treatment plan you are completely comfortable with.
  • Where the focus is on you, not your paperwork.
  • Where you are a person as well as a patient.

At Rancho Ear, Nose and Throat in San Diego we dedicate ourselves to you and your families care.

Dr. Ashish Wadhwa and Dr. Jennifer MacEwan, board certified Otolaryngologists, believe the doctor/patient relationship should actually be a relationship. This is apparent in every aspect of our practice from scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, working with our nursing staff and answering questions about insurance and statements. We guide our patients through the entire process, whether they need help scheduling diagnostic labs, images, procedures or surgeries. Our staff works as a team to enhance the overall patient experience.

We were one of the earliest practices in San Diego to adopt electronic medical records, and have been using it since 2007, as we believe in the efficiencies created by using EMR in our practice and the time it allows us to focus on our patients.

Rancho Ear, Nose & Throat provides comprehensive otolaryngology care to pediatric and adult patients. Our ENTs specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of head and neck disorders, perform facial reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, treat voice and swallowing disorders, as well as offer allergy testing and treatment. Our practice provides full Audiology services including hearing testing, hearing devices and hearing protection products.

If you are experiencing certain symptoms such as sinus pain or pressure, dizziness, hearing loss, ear pain, sore throats, or any other ENT related issue, please contact us — we can help! Contact us today.